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About Us

INVEST IN KENYA is a one-stop shop for investors looking to understand the step by step guide on how to purchase assets of their choice in Kenya.


Our site is suitable for :

The entry-level investor looking to understand the basics of investment and the practicalities around acquiring your first asset. 


The experienced investor looking to engage with asset types they haven't been exposed to yet, with an aim to diversify their portfolio. 


The  international investor looking to venture into an emerging market. INVEST IN KENYA presents you with a window of opportunity to invest in one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, Kenya.


INVEST IN KENYA is a site that will help you create and preserve your wealth.



Baby Steps, to acquiring your first Asset.

Money Education that Won't Cost You a Dime

Thank you for visiting INVEST IN KENYA, the one stop shop if you're looking to invest in Kenya. I first gained insight into investment nine years ago, along my investment journey I ran into scams and misinformation . Afterwards, I endeavored to learn and understand both short term and long term investments. To ensure Kenyans have the right information about investments I brought together a team of experts to share their knowledge with you.

Happy Investing



Explore our Forum

Eager to know what other investors opinions are on certain assets. The forum is where you get to interact with other investors, share ideas and grow your investing knowledge. 

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