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🗺️Introduction to Offshore Equities/Shares

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Introduction to Offshore Equities Available to Kenyans

The scoop 🍦 on offshore equities

So you’ve seen the term floating around and you are finally keen to find out what it’s all about.

So what are offshore equities 🤔?

Offshore basically means an area outside your nation’s boundaries. Equity means the value of shares issued by a company; it could either be publicly traded at various stock exchanges or privately owned.

Publicly traded offshore equities are bought and sold at the countries' respective stock exchanges, like the famous New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in the USA.

☝🏽 Note: A country’s stock exchange has no jurisdiction over another country’s stock exchange. Operations at any stock exchange are guided by rules and regulations placed by various market authorities.

Why would any investor care about offshore equities?

Firstly, it sounds cool, so why not? On a more serious note as an investor and an institutional investor, your main objective is capital appreciation.

Investing in foreign equities gives you access to higher returns in countries considered to be developed, emerging or frontier markets.

Pro 💡 tip: all investments carry risk. Capital protection should be your primary goal when considering which country you want to invest in.

Country to invest in

So what factors do you consider before choosing which country to invest in?

  1. Economy

  2. Political stability

  3. Social lifestyle

  4. Language barriers

Chilled 😁. I’m up for it, what do I need?

This is what you need to know or have;

  1. A broker, either a local or a foreign broker, to facilitate your transaction.

  2. Basic information, Form and documents, which are decided by the government-regulated stock exchange.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the central bank restrictions

  4. Tax Implications

  5. International market hours

  6. Investors protection rule

Basically: do your research 🔭.

Break down each level from the factor that may attract you to invest in a specific country to what may attract you to a specific company.

Now, are you ready to acquire your first offshore equity and become an international investor? And if not, don’t worry Invike will break down each factor for you just to help you get there.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this publication are those of the writers where particulars are not warranted. This publication is meant for general information only and is not a warranty, representation, advice or solicitation of any nature. Readers are advised in all circumstances to seek the advice of a registered investment advisor. Full Disclaimer


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